“We believe that you are not only learning a language, but understanding a culture”

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After studying Journalism and Social Communication, and working in the field of communication for 4 years, Gisela started thinking about how to connect Communication and language, and how to put everything together. she started her teaching profession working in Spanish schools; gaining her qualification to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language from International House, enabling Gisela to teachSpanish as a Foreign Language worldwide; and since has been involved in seminars and workshops, exploring different types of teaching methods and use of materials. Having received the honor of being mentioned as a  recommendedSpanish Teacher in Lonely Planet Buenos Aires and Argentina guides in 2005 and Footprint guide in 2008, helped her to continue working on her way adding more value to her experience and continue offering more and more interesting Spanish Learning experiences to the fans of the Spanish who visit Buenos Aires. Right now, she is attending a course on Proofreading Learning in order to continue adding more value to her knowledge about the Spanish Language and being prepared for correcting texts in Spanish Language as a pro in the next future.  She is currently, studying to become an interpreter to translate at conferences.Learning Spanish in a such amazing context like Buenos Aires, is one of the most beautiful exposures to the culture of one country ever as the city is full of life and is well known as ” the city that never sleeps”. For Gisela, teaching is more than just a job the opportunity to interact with people from around the world is a truly rewarding experience. Feel free to pass an idea to me or write about why you want to Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires!, we will be waiting for you!.